SAPO Broker

What is it?

Sapo-Broker is a distributed messaging framework. Among other features, it provides minimal administration overhead, Publish-Subscribe and Point-to-Point messaging, guaranteed delivery and wildcard subscriptions.

Sapo-Broker is written in  Java, but has client libraries for Perl, Python, PHP, .NET and C.

To start using the broker take a look at the Quick Start tutorial, and then please read the  User Guide for more in depth information.

You can access our public broker server and subscribe a bunch of public topics to experiment with.

How to get started

Download the latest distribution bundle and read the Quick Start. To learn more about the design and concepts of Sapo-Broker read the  User Guide.

You can fetch the latest version of the Sapo-Broker source code from our subversion server. For checking out the code use the svn command line client as follows:

svn co svn://


Sapo-Broker is distributed under the BSD license

How to get involved

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