This method will render an interactive form to use with  Pesquisa do SAPO

The Snippets/Search.js Snippet is based on this class.


var search = new SAPO.Widget.Search({
  inputtip: 'your keywords',
  width: 180,
  new_win: false,
  selfrender: false,
  domain: ''


Input Parameters

  • (object) options : JSON object
    • (string) inputtip : Tip to show up in the text input of the search form
    • (integer) width : Width of the widget, in pixels (default: 180
    • (boolean) new_win : Search results will open a new window ? (default: false)
    • (boolean) selfrender : If true, the class initialization will call renderSearch() itself (default: false)
    • (string) domain : Domain of the website to search in (default:


All browsersYes



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